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With over 40,000 fitboxers and more than 150 clubs worldwide in one place to be the best fitboxing crew
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Fitboxing World Games
is the WBC official fitboxing
worldwide championship

The Games

  • Fitboxing is

    Fitboxing is a non-contact fitness boxing sport practiced by hundreds of thousands of fitboxers around the world.

  • Compete by Teams

    FWG is a team competition. 4-member teams compete against other teams in 2-min rounds.

  • Master Combos

    The combos are the 2-min fitboxing routines that teams need to master and perform.

  • Scoring System

    Every team is ranked by 2 metrics (power and synchro) that give an overall member score. Team score is the average of its members. Referees control technique.

  • Reach the Top

    Teams will compete locally, then go to the finals.

    Only the best will make it to The Finals where the best 64 teams around the World will compete in just one day to be the World Champion.

Build a Team
5 Members + Trainer

What do you need to compete?
  • All members need to be training in one of our certified training centers worldwide
  • All teams need a FWG Certified Trainer
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Your way to reach the top
LAS TABLAS C. Isabel Colbrand, 10, 28050, Madrid, Spain
05-03-2022 15:00
GETXO Polígono Industrial Errotatxu, 48993, Bizkaia, Spain
05-03-2022 15:00
SALDANHA 51 Avenida João Crisóstomo, 1050-082, Lisboa, Portugal
12-03-2022 15:00
VALDEMORO Av. Mar Mediterráneo, 5A, 28341, Madrid, Spain
12-03-2022 16:00
ARGANZUELA C. Fernando Poo, 4, 28045, Madrid, Spain
12-03-2022 16:00
Fight your limits

4 June 2022

64 Teams
1 Day
1 Winner
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